Jonathan K.  (Scott Palmerton)  singer/songwriter (1983-Present)

Founding member and still frontman of Q5. Grew up in a musical family. His father was on opera singer in Seattle, Los Angeles and New York, his grandmother was a concert pianist.  He is a native of the Pacific Northwest, born and raised in Seattle and has performed in a number of legendary are bands such as The Sorcerer's Apprentice, Rail, Mercenary and The Core before joining with Floyd Rose to start a new band called Q5.  Still performing with Q5, Jonathan lives in the Seattle area.


Floyd Rose, lead guitar/songwriter/producer 1983-1988, 

Floyd - not yet a household name - was originally from Reno, Nevada but had been living in Seattle for several years and was playing in a  a band called The Core. The Core needed a singer and Jonathan K. was tapped. The Core was a well known local band that only played original songs, usually supporting local cover bands in bars, a concept that was continued when he and Jonathan K. formed Q5 and new material was showcased to a live audience.  Floyd currently manufactures the Floyd Rose Tremelo System  as well as a signature guitar line and is known to fan's and  musicians  worldwide.


Rick Pierce, lead guitar/ songwriter 1983-2017

A founding member of Pacific Northwest power group TKO when tapped to join the newly formed Q5 band where he played  blistering lead guitar alongside Floyd Rose. After a brief hiatus in the late 1980's Rick formed the band Nightshade. With Jonathan K. on vocals, together they recorded three albums before returning to Q5. Well regarded in Seattle music circles Rick was also rejoined TKO vocalist Brad Sinsel to record an album for Suicide Squad. Rick continues to play in his new self titled band RPG.

Evan8 copy.jpg

Evan Sheeley, (AKA Mr. E.) bass guitar/keyboards 1983-1988 / 2003-2019

Evan Sheeley is regarded one of the great bass players on the West Coast, if not the entire country. Growing up in a musical family, Evan was playing in  TKO when he was tapped for Q5 by Floyd and Jonathan. During his hiatus from Q5, he  owned and operated Bass NW, a world famous specialty store dedicated to bass players and their gear, frequented by many notable bass players. Evan also has played with such notables as Randy Hanson's Jimi Hendrix Tribute and toured with numerous other NW bands. 

Gary Thompson during Q5 demo.jpg

Gary Thompson, drums 1983-1988

One of the premier drummers in the NW, Gary was also in TKO when asked to join Q5. The pounding heartbeat of those early Q5 songs can be directly attributed to Gary's monstrous skills.Gary was the drummer on the albums, Steel The Light and When The Mirror Cracks.  After the original Q5 breakup in 1988, Gary went on to tour with a certain tech founder as in-house engineer and drummer. He played onstage with many "A" list bands during this time and he continues to play to this day.

More Q5 Family History

Guitar Slingers


Rick Van Zandt-2014  (Metal Church) joined Q5 for a one off show at Sweden Rock in 2014.


Kendall Bechtal-2014-2015  2020-  (Fifth Angel-TKO-My Sister Sam) Legendary Guitarist-Songwriter and Toured with Q5 for shows in Greece and Cyprus in the winter of 2014. A brilliant player and gifted songwriter he is still performing today. 


Dennis Turner  2014-2019  Joined Q5 as second guitar to Rick Pierce and quickly proved to be a player of significant skill and musicianship. A fan favorite for many years, he played on Q5's third album, New World Order and toured the U.S and Europe a number of times with Q5 until he left the band in 2019.


James Nelson  2017-2019   Tapped to replace Rick Pierce in late 2017, James added a dedication and knowledge level to the sound of Q5 that was cheered  by fans all over the world. An extremely skilled guitar player and stage performer James was a big part of the Steel The Live Europe Tour of 2018. He currently live in the Southwest area of the U.S.


Nick Layton  2019  (Firewolfe) Joined Q5  to fill in briefly for Dennis Turner and then James Nelson.  A guitar teacher and founder of his own band Firewolfe, Nick is a skilled player and teacher. He was able to showcase his talents with Q5 in a  one off show before returning to a revamped Firewolfe that also features ex-Q5 drummer Jeffrey McCormack.


Duffy Delgado- Formerly of Palooka, Duffy did a brief stint as Q5 guitarist in 2020. He currently performs in bands around the Pacific Northwest.

Chris Eğer   2020-current  (Chris Eger Band-Midlife Crisis) 

A  Musical prodigy Chris Eger is multi talented. Singer-Songwriter-Guitar and a host of other musical instruments are at his beck and call. He has released two albums (The Chris Eger Band and Show Me Where To Sign) Joined Q5 as a lead guitar/ vocalist in Summer of 2020. 

Bass Guitar:

Anthony Magnelli - 1990-1992  (Nightshade only) Joined the Nightshade project formed by Rick Pierce and Jonathan K.  Played on the first Nightshade album, Dead of Night. Performed a number of live shows with the band before abruptly leaving. 

Joel Wiseheart - 1992-2003 (Nightshade only) Joel played bass on  Nightshade album Men of Iron and performed a number of live dates with the band. Unable to travel,  he left the band to be replaced by Evan Sheeley.

Mike Self.jpg

Michael Self -  2020 (Priest) Michael Self was with Q5 in 2020 as a new lineup was being selected. A quality player who had performed for many years  around the world. The logistics of rehearsal and writing with a band whose majority members were several hundred miles apart proved to be insurmountable. He still performs with his band Priest, in Oregon.



Frankie Rongo 1992-2014  (Thor-Nightshade-Q5) A valued long time member of the Q5 family, Frankie was an actor, model, professional bodybuilder and trainer during his stint as drummer for Q5. He was the engine behind a number of live shows and recorded 2 albums with Nightshade/Q5, Men of Iron and Stand and be True. Sadly his last show was the iconic performance by Q5 at Sweden Rock in 2014 after which family health challenges forced him to retire.


Jeffrey McCormack 1990-1992 / 2014-2019  (Heir Apparent-Screams of Angels-Nightshade-Q5-TKO-Firewolfe)  A well known player in the NW music scene, Jeffrey was an original member of the Nightshade project in the early 1990's. After recording on the first Nightshade album Dead of Night he  left to perform with a number of other bands before returning to Q5 after the retirement of Frankie Rongo in 2014. Jeffrey proved to be a very solid and professional player and also sang backup on several songs in live performance. He recorded on the third Q5 album, New World Order and co-wrote a number of songs. He left Q5 in 2019 to pursue other musical endeavors  with his friend Nick Layton and currently plays drums in Firewolfe. 

RJ Singleton.jpg

R.J. Singleton  2020 (Back Again-Storm) R.J., an accomplished drummer joined Q5 in early 2020.  Unfortunately due to scheduling and logistic challenges it was not to be. Currently performs with the band Back Again in Oregon.